And there we lied
Naked and ripped
At the corner of a love
That we once shared.

At the corner of that strange love
We've broken silence and turned it into bread
And we ate it all
Until our mouths were full
Of nothing else to say.

The other corner of that love
Remained unoccupied
Lonely and waiting
Fore someone to come
And occupy what's left.

We lied naked and ripped
And we looked in each other's eyes
Trying to remember
What got us here in the first place.

Minutes and hours and maybe half of our lives
Passed by
Until we  got old and decided it was time
To get rid of all this residues
Of a strange love.

And with our bear hands
We pulled out from the chest
Every bound that ever tied us together.

It hurt.
It let us empty and vacant and cold
Just like a hotel room.

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